Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixer [ Helping Home-Owners and Real Estate Investors Retire Early With Real Estate]

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    How To Turn Your Home Into An Investment

    Thursday, November 22, 2016
    6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
    PaintBox Bistro 555 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON

    This is a platform for investors to learn and share real estate strategies.

    Over 12 months of action-packed fun, investors will have the confidence needed to build the life they deserve.

    Join us once a month to learn the different strategies required to become successful in today’s real estate market!

    Networking Education Access to Deals



    6:30 pm Doors Open | Networking
    7:30 pm  Aaron Charles | Realtor · Investor · Speaker | Why your home IS NOT an asset!
    7:45 pm Laure Ampilhac | Investor · Mortgage Agent · Certified Wealth Management Advisor | What is ETO and why Taking Equity Out of your Home?
    8:00 pm Jin Kim | Founder  · Intrepid Real Capital | Turn Your Home into a Cash Flow Machine!
    8:15 pm Deal Presentation for Action Takers
    8:30 pm Q&A
    8:45 pm – 9:30 pm ~ Networking


    It seems like every financial “expert” says, “Your house is your biggest asset.”

    When Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, he said that your house was a liability.


    Your financial planner, real estate agent, and accountant all call your house an asset. But in reality, an asset is only something that puts money in your pocket. If you have a house that you rent out to tenants, then it’s an asset. If you have a house, paid for or not, that you live in, then it can’t be an asset. Instead of putting money in your pocket, it takes money out of your pocket. That is the simple definition of a liability.

    This is doubly true if you don’t own your home yet. Then it’s the bank’s asset, and it is working for them, but it’s not earning you anything.

    So what is an asset?

    In business terms, assets are your pros and liabilities are your cons. You need assets to offset your liabilities. But what exactly are assets?

    The simple definition of an asset is something that puts money in your pocket. This is accomplished through four different categories, one of which is real estate. When I say real estate, I don’t mean your personal residence, which is a liability. What I mean is investment real estate, which is a great investment because it puts money in your pocket each month in the form of rent.

    There are three other primary assets: business, paper, and commodities. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, your business is an asset. Paper assets are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and so on. Finally, commodities include gold, and other resources like oil and gas, and so on.

    Robert and his wife started out making their money in real estate, putting their money to work in properties that they could rent out and see ongoing returns. After that, they diversified, so now they have some money in all of four of these asset areas.


    Jin, Laure and Aaron will show you how you can transform your house (= liability) into an asset (= puts money in your pocket)!


    • 7:30 pm Aaron Charles

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      Realtor | Investor | Speaker

    • 7:45 pm Laure Ampilhac

      Laure Ampilhac - Retire Early With Real EstateInvest in your future -laure ampilhac Retire Early With Real estate #retireearly

      Mortgage Agent & Certified Wealth Management Advisor
      ✆ (416) 358-9686 ✆ (877) 764-9492
      iBrokerPower Capital Inc (The Mortgage Centre) Lic# 10538

    • 8:00 pm Jin Kim

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      Founder · Intrepid Real Capital · (416) 579-1129


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    [ Helping Home-Owners and Real Estate Investors Retire Early With Real Estate]


    Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

    The Real Estate Mixers are designed to educate & connect home-owners and investors in an intimate and warm environment.




    If you are interested in learning more about how to invest in an rental property/multiplex (active investing) or invest your RRSP/Cash savings in alternatives investment vehicles in real estate (passive investing), then you have come to the right place.

    The aim of these evenings is to create a space for like-minded people with an interest for real estate and investing Come and learn about money lending (private mortgages), MICs, Real Estate Investment Groups/Private Equity Funds and more.




    Laure will be there to connect you with the professional, lender, investor that you have been looking for your project, real estate transaction or investment. Come to us during the networking event and we will introduce you to the right person! See you there.


    • HOST


    Laure Ampilhac


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    ╚► Helping Canadians RETIRE EARLY WITH REAL ESTATE ★ Leveraging home equity ★ RRSP ★ Designing Early Retirement Plans

    ☆☆ Real Estate Investments Consultant | Certified Wealth Management Advisor | Mortgage Agent | Refinancing | Private Mortgage Lending | Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixer

    My expertise and my passion for “early retirement” has allowed me to mentor anxious Canadian families and home owners who have not managed to invest their life savings effectively.

    I help them acquire properties, diversify their investments and build a long-term retirement strategy using their home equity, savings and Registered Plans (RRSP, RESP, LIRA & TFSA).

    Today, my clients include home-owners and individual investors who are ready to fathom new avenues for their own investments. I help them by:
    ★ Educating & Empowering though the Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixers ( meetup).
    This is where I bring together seasoned investors, speakers and mentors from various backgrounds.

    ★ Educating & Coaching though one-on-one consultations.
    This is where we take stock and compile their savings, pension, investments and available home equity (net worth).

    ★ Designing and Implementing a retirement income plan with a new investment strategy that incorporate their current locked investments with new acquisitions.These cater to the clients’ current AND future cash flow needs.

    Specialties: Real Estate Investing | Mortgages | Financing | Private Money Lending | Alternative Investments | Pre-Construction Townhomes | RRSP | TFSA | Rental Property | Retirement planning | Wealth creation | Wealth management | Asset protection
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    When working with investors, we explore the following real estate investment vehicles:
    ❶ Income properties (for Cash flow) and Pre-Construction TownHomes
    ❷ Investing in Private Lending (Mortgages & MIC)*
    ❸ Alternative Real Estate Investment (Private Equity and Syndication)*
    * RSP-eligible


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