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    How To Buy TAX SALE PROPERTIES: A Canadian Guide

    Book and Workshop by Beverly Browne

    Dec 9th – CSI Annex on Bathurst/Bloor


    If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s really possible to buy Canadian real estate at a fraction of its value, this book and workshop is for you!

    includes a book

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    At the door: extra $10

    You can read Chapter 1 here:

    Direct link for the pdf online version of tax sale book for $6.68, incl. taxes:

    A very concise book written in simple language, How To Buy Tax Sale Properties introduces you to buying Canadian real estate for the taxes owed. Its clearly laid-out information is packed into fewer than 100 pages, which can be read in just a few hours.

    Besides the step-by-step instructions, the book provides listings of directories, municipalities, samples of past sales with selling prices – in short, everything you’ll need to help you understand the process.

    Although it’s mainly about the Canadian system, the book also includes some information for Florida.

    CONTACT: Bev Browne
    905 686-9153

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     BEV’S BIO

    Bev Browne has been a freelance writer for over 20 years.
    Beverly Browne was born in Jamaica, raised in England, and has lived for more than 30 years in Canada.

    As a teenager, her career goal was to do research and writing for television. But circumstances led her to write instead for print media, getting her start in 1976 for SPEAR Magazine. The magazine was geared to Black families, and billed as Canada’s Ebony. However by about 1978, the magazine closed its doors.

    Her next experience in the print industry came after she had moved to Oshawa and wore down a local newspaper editor, submitting a variety of local stories until he finally bought the first, then the second, then the third….

    When the newspaper had an opening for someone to write interesting obituaries, the editor called Beverly and offered her the position. One thing led to another, until she was contracted to be the Special Sections Editor for Oshawa This Week’s special features – she coordinated, assigned stories to other freelancers, and laid out special sections that included Business, Real Estate, Automotive, Religion and Fashion.

    As a freelance writer, Beverly has written for The Toronto Star, Priide News Magazine, The Canadian Immigrant, and Faith Today, to name just some. She also helps business owners with their writing requirements.

    How To Write Tax Sale Properties is Beverly’s first book, and fulfills her desire to continually share valuable information with people.


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