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    Landlords/Tenants: How to Create a Win/Win situation

    Real estate Mixer - banner March 17 Toronto

    Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer

    Monday March 17th, 2014 at 6:30pm

    Property Management and Landlording

    baka gallery cafe Real estate Mixer Toronto(At Baka Gallery Cafe, 1st floor ~ 2256 Bloor street west ~ Entrance on Beresford ~ Green P Parking on Beresford).

    $30 at the door

    6:30pm – Doors open for Networking and a glass of wine:)


    7:15pm | Chris Davis | The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine (CREW) | The Investor Forum on March 22-23, 2104

    7:20pm | Mark Weisleder | Real Estate Lawyer, Author and Speaker

    8:15pm | Brandon Sage | Property Manager

    8:45pm | Maurice Aziz | Trouble Tenants … Problem Solved!

    8:50pm | Q&A and Panel of Discussion with Mark Weisleder, Brandon Sage, Todor Yordanov, Natalia Popovich and Laure Ampilhac


    9:00pm until 10:30pm

    7:15pm | Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and the INVESTORS FORUM on March 22-23, 2014

    Call 1-855-283-2721

    $378 plus hst less 20% discount with coupon code 6DEGREES

    + 6 month FREE subscription to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
    FREE books: More Than Cash Flow by Julie Broad
    VIP Membership to the Canadian Real Estate Investors Club for $1 (Value: $490)


    7:20pm | Mark Weisleder | Real Estate Lawyer, Author and SpeakerMark Weisleder Real Estate Lawyer - six degrees Real estate mixer Toronto

    “Mark Weisleder has been a real estate lawyer, author and speaker for the past 30 years. He has written best selling industry books for buyers, sellers, real estate agents and landlords. He has been a guest real estate expert on Canada AM and the Global TV morning show and writes a weekly column on real estate in the Toronto Star business section. Mark continues to act for real estate buyers, sellers and investors with 2 offices, in Toronto and Brampton.”

    • Clauses for Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Rental properties
    • Setting up the deal – who goes on title?
    • Joint Venture Agreement – Key provisions
    • Property Manager Agreement – Key provisions
    • Eviction Process – why it takes so long
    • Tips when qualifying tenants
    • How to get rid of problem tenants/ Benefits of using an experienced paralegal
    • Rent to Own Issues


    Mark Weisleder
    Barrister & Solicitor
    170 Wilkinson Rd., Unit 18
    Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4Z5
    62 Hillmount Ave.
    Toronto, Ontario, M6B 1X4
    Tel. (905) 454-9606
    Fax (905) 455-3396

    8:15pm | Brandon Sage | Property Managerbrandon sage property manager - six degrees real estate mixer

    “Brandon Sage inadvertently started a career in investment real estate in 2006 as a high-rise summer leasing agent saving for law school. He saw the business as one of “old money and old ideas” where there was an opportunity for the deployment of new technologies, improved processes, and on-line marketing to improve the experience for both the lessor and the lessee. Committed to understanding the business from the ground-up, Brandon rapidly advanced from leasing to learning administration, accounting, paralegal representation, inspections, management, marketing, real estate services, business development, and is now moving into development. He is presently employed at LandLord Property & Rental Management where his present role has him focused on enhancing and enlarging the investment portfolios of Toronto-area clients with an approach firmly rooted in core property management competencies.”

    Brandon Sage

    LandLord Property & Rental Management Inc.
    261 Davenport Road (Ste. 200), Toronto, ON M5R 1K3
    Phone: 416.462.3800 Ext. 231 Fax: 416.462.1461

    8:45pm | Maurice Aziz | Trouble Tenants … Problem Solved!

    Many Real Estate Investors take on the role of property managers. They may not be prepared for the risks even seasoned Investors need to manage frequently; tenants that won’t pay rent and refuse to vacate, serial trouble tenants that tie up landlords with appeals, complex collection laws that delay enforcement and a Landlords and Tenant Tribunal favouring tenants over rental property owners because the courts perceive Landlords as Big Business owners with deep pockets. We will be hearing from Jim Milankov, Vice President Sales and Maurice Aziz , VP Business Development for Rentshield Protection (Canada) Corporation who have recently launched the FIRST Rental Guarantee program in Canada and have the answer to rental cash flow security and worry free property investment.

    Maurice Aziz
    RentShield Protection (Canada) Corporation
    Cell: 416-720-0552
    Office: 1-800-237-7123

    8:50pm | Q&A and Panel of Discussion with Mark Weisleder, Brandon Sage, Todor Yordanov, Natalia Popovich and Laure Ampilhac

    todor yordanov

    Todor Yordanov | Real Estate Investor

    FREE training video shows 18-Step System on how to Manage Your Rental Property and Eliminate BAD Tenants from Your Life.

    Whether you have one property or many, this system will teach you how to do it more profitably and with less headaches. It works in every market and everywhere.
    In a series of 3 videos, experienced property owner and investor Todor Yordanov reveals his 18-Step system that he follows to attract good tenants, rent his properties FAST and eliminate BAD tenants early in the process. Money in Real Estate flows to those who do it right. Enter your info for access:

    Laure Ampilhac | Landlady | Retire Early With Real Estate

    (416) 358-9686

    Retire Early With Real estate Laure Ampilhac Toronto1

    Natalia Popovich | Landlady

    Nat & HOME – Personalized Real Estate Consulting Group
    Natalia O. Popovich – Facilitator, CEO Direct: 416.732.9516 e-mail:

    natalia popovich real estate mixer toronto


    6 DEGREES REAL ESTATE MIXERSIX degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.
    The Real Estate Mixers are designed to educate & connect Investors in an intimate and warm environment. These lively, interactive social events are held at a sophisticated venue, Baka Gallery Cafe The aim of these evenings is to create a space for like-minded people with a passion for real estate and investing:

    > If you are interested in learning more about how to invest in a property (active investing) or invest your RRSP into fixed-return Real Estate Investment (Like Townhouse land development projects, or else) (passive investing)

    > If you are a Real Estate professional (Commercial/Residential Real Estate Investor, Builder, Land Developer, Flipper, Landlord, Property Manager, Home Inspector, Private Lender, Mortgage Agent, Real Estate agent for Investors, Architect, Interior Designer)…

    Our speakers are amongst Toronto’s top leaders and professionals in the real estate market. The evenings emphasize speeches from a diverse group of industry professionals, Q&A series, intimate networking opportunities from all facets of the real estate industry.


    laure Ampilhac Natalia Popovich Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer 2014 »Toronto

    Natalia and Laure will be there to connect you with the partner, lender, real estate professional that you have been looking for for your project.

    Come to us during the event and we will introduce you to the right person!

    See you there.

    The Real Estate Mixer Team
    Laure Ampilhac & Natalia O. Popovich




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    $378 plus hst less 20% discount with coupon code 6DEGREES

    + 6 month FREE subscription to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
    FREE books: More Than Cash Flow by Julie Broad
    VIP Membership to the Canadian Real Estate Investors Club for $1 (Value: $490)

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    Todor Yordanov | Keller Williams Realty Solutions

    Todor Yordanov Real Estate Mixer

    Everything about Real Estate. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest our experience and knowledge is available to help you.

    Based in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.

    Natalia O. Popovich – Nat & Home

    Natalia Popovich Nat & Home Real Estate Consulting Services

    Nat & HOME – Personalized Real Estate Consulting Group
    Natalia O. Popovich – Facilitator, CEO Direct: 416.732.9516 e-mail:


    Laure Ampilhac – Mortgage Agent & Consultant in Real Estate Investments/Private Lending


    (416) 358-9686

    The Nasser Yaltaghian Team Lic# M08004799 | Mortgage Alliance Lic# 10530 (877-366-3487)

    Marcel GreauxMarcel greaux Real estate Mixer Feb 19 2014

    Marcel Greaux | Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Agent, Educator/Speaker
    Dir: 647-977-5079 | T: 1-800-280-2271 | Fax: 1-800-280-2271
    Specializing in Investment Property Financing:
    Residential | Commercial | Private Funds (RRSP, TFSA Eligible)
    Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada Inc. | Lic#10530 | Agent Lic#: M10002478 | 2005 Sheppard Ave E. Suite 200 Toronto ON M2J 5B4

    Real estate investing August 28th- trec

    Todor Yordanov | Real Estate Investment Club

    todor real estate investment club

    Monthly Educational Meetings: Real Estate Investments Club @ Center for Social Innovation CSI: 215 Spadina Ave., Toronto 416-902-9707

    Grand River REI | Brantford

    Meet Tahani Aburaneh and Dalia Barsoum

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014 7:00 PM Brantford, ON

    grand river REI

    Baka Gallery Cafe

    bakabartender_banner logo

    2256 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1N6‎ . Located in the heart of Bloor West Village, come and relax in our stylish and comfortable setting while enjoying the finest specialty coffees and teas.








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    Gerry Campbell

    Liberty Tax Service East Toronto
    Phone: 416-406-9990 Fax: 416-406-3979
    Canadian & American Taxes: Personal & Corporate
    One Stop for Tax Preparation and Solving Tax Problems
    Independent Associates for Legal Shield
    Total Access. Total Freedom



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