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    Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer

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    or Invest?

    That is the question!

    Presented by Marla McAlpine, Healthy Wallet

    Opportunity to Network with like-minded investors

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    ╚►If You Have Debt, Can You Afford to Invest? YES! (But HOW?!?)

    Like many successful people, you put in a lot of hours to make a lot of money and then you spend your money, without always knowing where it’s going. Then one day you look at your bank account – and the money you think should be there… just isn’t. Then you start to worry. Are you going to retire in debt? Over half of Canadians do – and as a result they don’t have money to do the things they want. Ideally, you would like to avoid that fate by ensuring more cash flow today for what matters, while securing your financial future with assets. How do you afford to buy those assets and build your wealth when there is no money left at the end of the month? If this is what you’re facing, you are not alone. In fact, Marla discovered that the conventional money wisdom we hear all of the time keeps you broke!

    Marla will cover the pitfalls that most adults are not even aware of, and how to find thousands of dollars extra each month from your current income (money you probably didn’t even know you had!). This money has helped others get out of debt and build their financial security sooner than they ever thought possible.

    If you want that six-figure bank account to help build your wealth, don’t miss this presentation!

    Using demonstrations and case studies, Marla will uncover the three biggest threats that keeps people broke (even those with six-figure incomes) and how to overcome them to build a Healthy Wallet. Then, you can use your new financial prowess to build a Wealthy Wallet!

    ╚► Pay Down Your Mortgage?

    In the perennial personal finance debate over whether you should pay off your mortgage or invest your savings, some take a firm stand.

    “Second only to eliminating debt, paying off your mortgage is one of the most important steps to retiring richer,” says Kevin O’Leary, author of Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money. “In other words, forget about the stocks and bonds until you’ve eliminated your mortgage.”

    Mr. O’Leary says maximizing your mortgage payments will be the safest investment you’ll ever make. However with low interest rates, is it the smartest thing to do if you can invest at 10% or higher instead?

    Laure will present a tool to calculate whether or not it’s profitable to pay down your mortgage fast.


    Investors face the dilemma of whether to pay down debt with excess cash or to invest that money in an attempt to turn it into even greater amounts of wealth. If you pay off too much debt and reduce your leverage, you may not garner enough assets to retire. Conversely, if you’re too aggressive, you may end up losing everything. In order to decide whether to pay down debt or invest, you must consider your best investment options, risk tolerance and cash flow situation.

    Laure will show you how you can invest at 10-50% in real estate investing in private mortgages and pre construction.

    ╚► BONUS: Stan Samole will show you how you may have missed tax credits in the last 10 years. and claim those at CRA!

    Come and find out for yourself on June 20.

    pay off debt, invest or pay off mortgage- (google+)AGENDA

    6:30 pm Doors Open | Networking
    7:10 pm Introduction by Jude Delsoin | Professional Coach | Poet | Writer | Performer
    7:15 Stan Samole |Family Tax Recovery
    7:30 pm Marla MacAlpine | Healthy Wallet
    8:30 pm Laure Ampilhac | Investor, Mortgage Agent, Certified Wealth Management Advisor
    9:00 pm – 9:30 pm ~ Networking

    Monday June 20, 2016

    to 9

    Location: Geary Lane 360 Geary Ave

    $20 admission (cash at the door) or

    paypalSix Degrees Real Estate Mixer Meetup Toronto


    “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” — Kofi Annan

    Investment Final

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    Alex Bell, B.A.

    Dalton Timmis, Home Insurance

    Joel Mixa


    • 7:10pm Jude Delsoin

      Jude Delsoin |Professional Coach|Poet|Writer|PerformerJude Delsoin (2)
      Jude M. Delsoin, is professional coach, poet, writer and performer, she has had a direct impact on people’s lives, leaving her mark as a confidence-booster. She uses French, Creole, andEnglish for her work. Jude is poetically able to bring you into another dimension of thinking. We see her on Rogers’s television as a guest speaker for The Bourgeoisie Show. She was also invited to TFO at Panorama « Un autre point de vue ». She also married her coaching skills and poetictalents to create and facilitate inspirational workshops for different organizations suchas The Toronto District School Board, TDSB, La Bonne Affaire, Toronto Poets, etc. She coaches youth at risk for The PACT Urban Peace Program an organization whose mandate is to create urban peace. She gives back to the community through her involvement with the Group of Haitian Professionals in Toronto, GPHT.

    • 7:15pm Stan Samole

      Family Tax Recovery Inc. conducts in-depth personal income tax reviews to find unclaimed refund opportunities for our clients. Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount of the refund that our client receives.
      Personal tax reviews with no upfront costs. No refund = no cost. Until now, extensive tax reviews for refund purposes were just for the wealthy.
      Stan Samole
      160 Tycos Drive, Suite 209
      Toronto, ON, M6B 1W8
      Office: (416) 787-4121, Ext: 201
      Toll Free: (866) 936-0924
      Mobile: (416) 587-2232; Fax: (416) 981-7881
      family tax recovery stan samole
    • 7:30pm Marla McAlpine

      marla McAlpine Healthy WalletMarla’s bio

      Marla McAlpine MBA, CCS works with professionals, corporate senior managers and business owners to help them find money, get out of debt sooner and create cash flow for what matters to them.

      She is a Money Coach and a Certified Cash Flow SpecialistTM. More importantly, she is the Founder and CEO of Healthy Wallet.

      Marla earned her MBA and climbed the corporate ladder. However, as her income grew, so did her debt. Despite a six-figure corporate income, Marla’s debt ballooned to $95,000!

      Then she did something drastic. She stopped listening to conventional money wisdom and forged her own path. In just four years, Marla eliminated her debt and grew her net worth by $100,000. That’s why she created Healthy Wallet… to help others do the same.

      Using what she calls the ‘3 Keys to a Healthy Wallet’, Marla helps her clients find on average over $3,000 per month extra from their current income.

      Marla’s contact:
      416.707.1020 cel


    • 8:30pm LAURE AMPILHAC

      Laure Ampilhac - Retire Early With Real EstateEvent Organizer, Laure Ampilhac

      ╚► Helping Canadians RETIRE EARLY WITH REAL ESTATE ★ Leveraging home equity ★ RRSP ★ Designing Early Retirement Plans

      ☆☆ Real Estate Investments Consultant | Certified Wealth Management Advisor | Mortgage Agent | Refinancing | Private Mortgage Lending | Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixer

      ► My expertise and my passion for “early retirement” has allowed me to mentor anxious Canadian families and home owners who have not managed to invest their life savings effectively.

      I help them acquire properties, diversify their investments and build a long-term retirement strategy using their home equity, savings and Registered Plans (RRSP, RESP, LIRA & TFSA).

      Today, my clients include home-owners and individual investors who are ready to fathom new avenues for their own investments. I help them by:

      ★ Educating & Empowering though the Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixers ( meetup).

      This is where I bring together seasoned investors, speakers and mentors from various backgrounds.

      ★ Educating & Coaching though one-on-one consultations.

      This is where we take stock and compile their savings, pension, investments and available home equity (net worth).

      ★ Designing and Implementing a retirement income plan with a new investment strategy that incorporate their current locked investments with new acquisitions.These cater to the clients’ current AND future cash flow needs.

      Specialties: Real Estate Investing | Mortgages | Financing | Private Money Lending | Alternative Investments | Pre-Construction Townhomes | RRSP | TFSA | Rental Property | Retirement planning | Wealth creation | Wealth management | Asset protection


      logo-tagLine-lrgMortgage Agent & Certified Wealth Management Advisor
      ✆ (416) 358-9686 ✆ (877) 764-9492
      iBrokerPower Capital Inc (The Mortgage Centre) Lic# 10538

      Invest in your future -laure ampilhac Retire Early With Real estate #retireearly


    $20 admission (cash at the door) or


    Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer Meetup Toronto




    [ Helping Home-Owners and Real Estate Investors Retire Early With Real Estate]

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    Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Google+

    Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

    The Real Estate Mixers are designed to educate & connect home-owners and investors in an intimate and warm environment.

    Lively, interactive EDUCATIONAL & NETWORKING EVENTS:

    If you are interested in learning more about how to invest in an rental property/multiplex (active investing) or invest your RRSP/Cash savings in alternatives investment vehicles in real estate (passive investing), then you have come to the right place.

    The aim of these evenings is to create a space for like-minded people with an interest for real estate and investing Come and learn about money lending (private mortgages), MICs, Real Estate Investment Groups/Private Equity Funds and more.


    Laure will be there to connect you with the professional, lender, investor that you have been looking for your project, real estate transaction or investment. Come to us during the networking event and we will introduce you to the right person! See you there.




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    #1. Cash Flow

    A big advantage real estate has over other investments, is that it can produce cash flow on a monthly basis. Positive cash flow is derived from the revenue collected in the form of rent and laundry income minus expenditures required to pay for and operate the building. The cash generated by a real estate investment will always be a much larger percentage cash-on-cash return than any other investment. The reason for this is leverage.

    #2. Leverage

    Leverage is the ultimate power of investing, and the fact is that there is no investment where the application of this tool is more powerful than real estate. In real estate the leverage is based on the asset itself, and even the notoriously conservative banks will loan up to 75-80 percent and sometimes higher of the total asset value. Banks are comfortable lending large sums of money for the purchase of real estate because they know it is one of the safest and most profitable investments available. Also when you leverage an investment, you reap the benefits of appreciation on the total asset value, while only having a small percentage of your own money in the deal.

    #3. Appreciation

    Real estate generally is a long term investment, and its benefits are best realized over the long term. It takes time for real estate to appreciate in value; however, while the property is appreciating the residents are paying down the mortgage. On top of this the rental income grows on a percentage annual basis.

    The average compounded annual increase in real estate nationally has been 5% per year for the last 25 plus years, since 1980. Depending on the real estate cycle at any given time, the geographic location and type of property, the percentage annual increase could be substantially higher of course. Residential real estate appreciates more than the annual rate of inflation over time.

    #4. Hedge Against Inflation

    Many people feel that the commonsense thing to do is to take your money and put it into a savings bond or bank account that yields 2 to 3 percent per year. The main argument for this type of investing is that it is “safer” than real estate or other types of investments. The problem with this strategy is that you do not make any money, due to inflation.

    Inflation is the price we pay for goods measured against a standard of ability to purchase those goods. The long term average of inflation has been nearly 3.5 percent since 1913, the year it began being tracked. That means that putting your money into a bank investment or account that yields only 2 to 3 percent, earns you no purchasing power in the future. You are actually losing wealth because inflation is higher than your returns. The gain in interest is wiped out by the rising cost of living. You are not becoming wealthier, you are becoming poorer because the cost of goods is growing faster than the value of your money.

    The beauty of real estate is that it is a tangible asset-a good. Meaning it will generally rise either at the rate of inflation or much higher. Historically real estate has risen at 5 percent per year -a full 2 to 3 percent higher than inflation. And that is just appreciation. That does not take into account the cash flow generated, nor the tax advantages such as depreciation, refinance, and tax deductible mortgage interest.

    #5. Depreciation

    Depreciation is an income tax deduction that allows a taxpayer to recover the cost of wear and tear, deterioration, or obsolescence on an annual basis. For real estate, it is a nonoperational expense that can be used to your advantage come tax time.

    #6. Refinance

    Another advantage of real estate over other investments is the ability to withdraw cash through a refinance of the property. This, too, is a tax shelter. When you refinance a property you are restructuring your existing mortgage debt based on the added value of the property. Refinancing also allows for investors to pull their initial investment out, while still continuing to have a vested interest in the property, creating a cash-on-cash return of infinite because the capital investment is zero!

    #7. Asset Protection

    There are a number of ways to legally protect a real estate investment that cannot be utilized by other investments like stocks and bonds. If a stock or bond company has a bad year, and suffers losses, the individual investor is simply out of luck. Real estate is one of the few investments that can be insured and protected from damage caused for whatever reason. By having the proper insurance coverage, you are able to claim losses for the actual value of the asset before the loss, and during the loss.

    Another distinct legal advantage of real estate is that it can be placed into a corporation or family trust that allow you to protect your personal wealth by individualizing and protecting your assets in an event of a lawsuit. There are also distinct tax advantages.

    #8. Physical Asset

    Real estate is a physical asset, that cannot be traded by a click of a button by an online brokerage. You can physically walk the grounds of the property, and inspect the building. As such, it’s not subject to the volatility of other investments like stocks, where change can happen fast. You are not at the mercy of the company’s public relations department, waiting to hear from them. Meaning, if the company announces poor earnings for a quarter, the stock will drop suddenly with little warning. Your only option is the react, but not before you’ve lost a substantial sum.

    Real estate is different. While it still has its ups and downs, for the most part real estate takes a more tortoise like approach: slow and steady wins the race. By paying attention, and knowing what to look for, we can see the trends that lead to changes in the market, well before they happen. Allowing us to formulate an investment plan on how to change operations or to sell. This in turn maximizes our return on investment or cash-on-cash return.

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